Business & Delivery model

Business Models

Fixed-Price Model

Our fixed-price model offers our clients a low-risk option that can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are well-defined and reasonably-fixed. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects through the use of our standards-based project management and software development processes.

Time and Material Model

In this business model, Arrowhead Technologies identifies and forms a project team with the required developers, project managers, equipment and infrastructure based on project requirements. Customers pay a monthly charge based on the team size and composition, as well as the length of time the team will be maintained. This model offers the flexibility to balance team size and project workloads over time. Most of our onsite services are delivered using this business model.

Build, Operate, Transfer Model

Some of our customers want to directly manage their own team. Arrowhead Technologies can set up a facility, identify and staff a team of people, then manage them during the initial phase to get them running effectively. Once the build and operate phases are successfully completed, the team can be transferred over to our clients direct control. Arrowhead Technologies can build the infrastructure, human resources and support for the team, based on an agreed fee on top of the actual team and facility cost.

Delivery Models

On-Site Model
When desired, Arrowhead Technologies can locate its team of experts at the customer site and execute all phases of the software development life cycle there. This facilitates communication during research or unstructured projects and can shorten the time needed for highly iterative product development. Arrowhead Technologies will be responsible for the project management using our standards-based processes.

Blended Delivery Model
Arrowhead Technologies recognizes that most projects have some phases, particularly Requirements Analysis and portions of the Design Scoping, which work better when our team members are closer to the client. Other phases such as implementation, testing and delivery can be well defined so that a remote development model works well. Arrowhead Technologies has developed the Blended Delivery Model to lower project costs. Arrowhead Technologies will maintain overall responsibility for project management.

Professional Services Model
Arrowhead Technologies can also provide skilled professionals to our clients based on their needs at any time. Our customers can directly supervise these professionals while they are there for the duration of the engagement and can assign appropriate tasks as needed.