Electronic Data Capture

3532796663_23e814063f-300x199Electronic Data Capture is becoming fundamental in Clinical Trials to allow sponsors to optimize the drug development process, but it may lose its goal if implemented without considering the impact of the technology on the medical investigators. Using the paper as an easy and smart Interface to capture patient’s data in digital format can combine sponsor’s needs with end user satisfaction. Many businesses/practices are still mandated by process and/or legal necessity to capture information through paper forms. Software vendors and system integrators offer electronic methods of copying paper content into business systems. Typically, these information capture methods utilize either expensive centralized scanning to graphic and optical catalogues and/or labor intensive manual data entry client/server, web-based or host systems. Some estimates put the cost of processing paper forms in the United States alone at roughly $360 B/year.

Many of the more powerful document management systems offer modern features such as collaboration, digital content support, workflow integration and archiving options – all accessible via a web browser. These enterprise systems are certainly expensive to implement and maintain, and unfortunately, none currently solve the challenges of data capture from paper source by offering conversion and contextual understanding of written text.

Arrowhead`s iProcedures platform is the break through solution for incorporating digital writing into existing enterprise business processes to streamline data capture and optimize workflow processes. It is reliable, cost-effective, and can be easily integrated and scaled.

The platform is capable of electronically capturing the billing ticket information, Anesthesia record using an Anoto digital pen or tablet and patient demographic information from hospital EMR, and seamlessly transmits it to the billing companies. iProcedures platform is also capable of addressing many of the problems the billing industry is facing today.

This approach will drive lower costs throughout the billing industry by minimizing data entry while improving productivity and responsiveness. The adoption of the data capture technology using digital pen or tablet technology means billing companies can integrate handwriting capture capability from existing forms with any front or back office information management business system. The benefits are immediate – savings through the streamlining of paper workflow without changing the routines or existing forms.

Just as important, there’s no need to change basic operational processes or working routines. And no need for complex systems for converting and managing handwritten documents.

User-friendly: pen and paper means gathering information with natural simplicity
No need to change work routines or existing forms processes
Intuitive: limited or no training of staff is needed
Enables digital capture of both text and illustrations
Ensures traceability: digital copies of all information for customer or own records

Additionally, the paper remains the most widely acceptable end-user interface as it directly mimics existing practice workflow patterns and activities.

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