Employee Referral Program

Arrowhead Technologies, Inc., (hereinafter “Arrowhead”) Employee Referral Program provides a monetary incentive for existing employees to refer qualified external candidates that are hired for “difficult to fill” position. The career position listed below is included in the program:

Software Engineer: Participate in multiple phases of project life cycle development including requirement gathering, software design, development, & testing using: SAS, SAS BI, SAS FM, SAS EG, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Information Map Studio, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, Windows Platform Servers, Web Server, Apache, Dashboard Framework. Requires supervision of team members. Job locations in Tampa, FL & travel to various unanticipated locations throughout the US for different short & long term assignments.

All Arrowhead career staff employees, by following the procedures established is eligible with the exceptions of:

  • Human Resource employees
  • Supervisory/Management positions within the reporting chain of the bonus eligible job opening

Only external candidates are eligible for consideration. Temporaries & contractors on assignment to Arrowhead are considered internal. Former Arrowhead employees or contractors are eligible if it has been more than six months since their break in service with Arrowhead. External candidates who have previously applied and are in an active status in the Arrowhead applicant tracking system may be eligible if they are referred for a specific position(s). Recruited resumes obtained either via job fairs or advertisements are not eligible. Referrals will be honored for six months from the original referral date.

A $500 bonus will be paid to eligible employees after 90 days of hire when the following criteria have been met:

  • Referring Arrowhead employee must be employed at time of referral and time of payments.
  • Referred applicant must be Arrowhead employed at time of payments.

An additional $500 bonus will be given to eligible employee on an annual basis thereafter as long as both referred employee and employee who provided referral are still employed by Arrowhead.

Employees must follow the described procedures to submit a referral for an open position to be eligible for the program. The referral information (see below) must be submitted prior to the date of hire, with specific requisition numbers listed. The completed Employee Referral Program document must be submitted separately by the referring Arrowhead career employee to:

Arrowhead Technologies, Inc
Attn: HRM (Employee Referral Program)
3101 West MLK Blvd. Suite 115
Tampa, FL 33607

Employees participating in the program should be aware that referral bonuses are considered income and are subject to appropriate taxes. Employee Referral Program bonuses are charged to the department that hires the referred individual. Human Resources will initiate the bonus payment process after an eligible referred candidate has been hired and has been employed for the required amount of time.