Engineering & Research Services

solutions-300x192Arrowhead develops technology for a wide range of sensor, instrumentation, and control applications for clients in various communities. Much of this work, which is based on innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches, lies at the frontier between the physical world of motion, flow, temperature, and chemistry and the electronic world of signal processing and computers.

Arrowhead engineers combine a sound understanding of the fundamentals of physics with experience and skills in state-of-the-art control algorithms, data acquisition, real-time signal processing, computer and digital signal processing hardware, software development, materials, and fabrication processes. At the same time, we focus on practical and cost-effective solutions to the most challenging measurement, control, and instrumentation requirements. The following examples illustrate our depth and diversity:

Wireless sensor networks based on both IEEE 802.11 and 802.15 standards
Software and hardware interfaces to real world devices.
Design and prototyping of software-controlled electro-mechanical devices.
Rapid, low-cost solutions for engineering projects
Control algorithms and software for immersive environments
Satellite receiver programming, enabling command and control of distributed assets via the internet.
Specialized design and integration solutions for a wide variety of sensors including: pressure, moisture, temperature, motion, toxic meters, and many more.

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