Platform to seamlessly transmit data from Hospital or Physician Information system to Billing companies to fasten Anesthesiology billing process. This system is equipped to alert physicians and various practice stake holders on any liability related information. This system can interface to various input devices like digital pens using Anoto technology, tablet PC’s and desktop computers to enter information. This framework has a unique capability to present various data capturing forms ( in these case procedure forms) depending on the patients case. All these forms can be customized to the practice needs using the forms builder app.

iProcedures platform is the break through solution for incorporating digital writing into existing enterprise business processes to streamline data capture and optimize workflow processes. It is reliable, cost-effective, and can be easily integrated and scaled.

The platform is capable of electronically capturing the billing ticket information, Anesthesia record using a digital pen or tablet and patient demographic information from hospital EMR, and seamlessly transmits it to the billing companies. iProcedures platform is also capable of addressing many of the problems the billing industry is facing today.

This approach will drive lower costs throughout the billing industry by minimizing data entry while improving productivity and responsiveness. The adoption of the data capture technology using digital pen or tablet technology means billing companies can integrate handwriting capture capability from existing forms with any front or back office information management business system. The benefits are immediate – savings through the streamlining of paper workflow without changing the routines or existing forms.

Key features

  • Real time digital data capture and streaming from POS
  • Easy Connect to the hospital information systems and various input devices
  • Smart notifications and alerts
  • On-demand information to providers with smart phone apps
  • 24/7/365 data quality and consistency

Key Benefits

  • Simple solution – No change in the work routines or existing forms processes
  • Boosting efficiencies

Smart rules/alerts can reduce administrative rework

Eliminate the cumbersome job of scanning/faxing and data entry

  • Cost effective

Removes costly correction routines and reduces risks for errors

Low investment cost, fast implementation, easy scalability and flexibility

  • Compliance

PQRI compliance in various PQRI indices which are constantly being updated

  • EMR

EMR ready and EMR compatible NOW