P2S2 engine

P2S2 (Patient personalization and smart search) engine

This solution can be integrated on top of any existing portal solutions of the organizations. The Patient Personalization and Smart Search Solution will fulfill the following requirements:

  • Enable Patient Portal* to deliver personalized and relevant ‘CARE’ information
  • Enable Patient Portal to function as a ‘Single Window Care System’
  • Enable Patient Portal to bubble relevant information at the right time based on patient
  • demographics, profile, Info request patterns, preferences and CARE info/history
  • Enable Patient Portal to deliver context based ‘Care’ Services

Based on patient Demographics, profile, “Past Search / Info request” patterns and preferences

  • Patient would be able to see relevant or Personalized info on the Patient Portal based on search patterns
  • Bubble services specific to or relating to personalized service requests (Enable Context Based Care Delivery)
  • Provide Personalization Services:
    • Mine info requests and identify potential atomic CARE services offered which can be packaged to provide custom CARE services
    • “LIVE and Learning”
    • Sensitive and aware of CARE delivery landscape
    • Learn, identify and notify CARE leverage opportunities across CARE Delivery Domain

This product has been engineered with medical expertise from Moffitt and is also marketed by them.