QA Test Automation

checkbox-300x198High performing software testing organizations are critical to delivering quality products to the market. The quality of the products that reach the customer has dramatic impact on adoption rates, revenues and support costs.

But as the complexity of software products continues to increase, the need to test more efficiently and effectively grows as well.  The problem becomes more difficult when trying to accomplish this with constrained resources and greater pressure to get new products out to market faster.  That is where an aggressive use of automated testing can make a significant impact.

Arrowhead has a dedicated team of Test Automation experts who can help you design and implement a test automation strategy.  We also bring to bear a suite of proven, proprietary tools that remove the need to invest in expensive test tools, further improving your ROI.

  • Comprehensive Experience: Arrowhead has successfully delivered Test Automation solutions, using a broad range of tools, and is lead by a seasoned team of QA experts, many with 15+ years of experience under their belts.
  • Impressive Results: Arrowhead’s Test Automation solutions have reduced test execution cycle time by more than 40% and achieved ROI in less than 9 months
  • Track Record of Success: Arrowhead provides QA services for leading SaaS and On Premise ISVs and companies in the storage, telecom, web/e-commerce and financial services markets
  • Arrowhead’s Product DNA: At Arrowhead we focus on building great products and look at testing differently than how a typical system integrator might. We realize it’s about building better software and not finding bugs. And because we provide engineering services across the entire product development lifecycle, we ensure tight integration with product management, development teams and engage our teams early in the development cycle delivering outstanding results.

Arrowhead uses a 3-stage process to engage with our clients:


Test Automation Assessment

Determine the current state of your testing process, environments involved and data approach. Get a recommendation for an automation framework best suited for your situation and identification of high priority targets for implementation.

Arrowhead’s Test Automation Assessment is a comprehensive service that helps organizations answer key questions before undertaking Test Automation. Those questions include:

  • Are the existing manual processes stable enough to automate?
  • Are the targeted applications suitable candidates for automation?
  • What is/are the best automation approach(s) to use for the targeted applications?
  • Which automated tool will work best with the existing processes?
  • What level of return can be expected?
  • Will the test suites become redundant with product evolution?
  • Will the automation baseline be maintainable given the organizations current efforts and resource skill sets?

The purpose of the assessment is to help the sponsor to understand the investment/benefits equation and take appropriate decision on automation campaign. Deliverables from the assessment will be:

  1. Assessment of current QA practices
    1. strengths and weaknesses
    2. areas for improvement within the software development and testing processes
  2. Determination if test automation is appropriate/feasible for the product in question
  3. Definitive business case for test automation factoring in reduction in test effort, increased test coverage, reduced number of defects and impact on cost of quality
  4. Automation roadmap with short-term and long-term objectives
  5. Automation framework/tool requirements specifications


  • Establishes well developed short and long term goals for automation across applications
  • Ensures your application(s) are appropriate candidates for test automation
  • Identifies potential obstacles of automating the application(s) and how to overcome them
  • Provides the basis for developing a justifiable ROI. And prioritizes applications for maximum ROI
  • Identifies gaps in manual test process that will hinder test automation
  • Create short-term and long-term roadmap for test automation

Test Automation Consulting and Strategy Development

Let our experts design and develop the best automation framework and test strategy for your needs.

The competing goals of delivering a quality software product and meeting time to market targets often lead management and stakeholders to take a short-term approach to software testing, focusing entirely on one goal or approach while ignoring the impact of their decisions in long run.   Management and stakeholders need to consider the subtle balance between quality, cost, and time-to-market goals. They need to take a more strategic approach and develop an overall strategy and methodologies.

Through a solid test automation strategy, companies can achieve higher quality, faster time to market and lower testing costs without making any tradeoffs.  The trick is to create the right strategy and develop an appropriate test automation framework for the job.  Arrowhead’s Test Automation CoE’s consultants can come in and help you develop your test automation strategy.

Based on the assessment report, the right automation strategy is formulated to meet the business goals.  Test Automation Strategy covers the following aspects:

  • What features and functionalities need to be automated?
  • What are the optimal numbers of test cases to automate?
  • How much automation will happen for unit testing and how much would happen for integration and system testing?
  • What priority is put on the automating which tests
  • Will test automation focus on Test Execution phase only or will focus on other phases such as Test Scenarios and Test Case development, Test Environment setup, logging of results and analysis etc?
  • Select the appropriate tools to meet the test requirements and is well suited to the unique attributes of the client’s application or product. The tool should also enable faster development times and maintainability of the test scripts.

Test Automation Implementation

Test Automation Execution: Now Comes the Hard Part

Test Automation projects often fail because for all of the investment in designing a framework, there is a lot of execution required to build the automated test scripts at the beginning of the program.  Oftentimes there are hundreds, if not thousands of manual test cases that need to be automated and the effort is substantial.  Unfortunately, those resources are not always available because they are dedicated to other projects.  Worse, those that may be available often do not have the appropriate expertise to develop the scripts.

To overcome these hurdles, Arrowhead can provide a team of test automation experts out of our Test Automation CoE to:

  • Write test scripts
  • Implement the test automation framework and tools
  • Perform test execution

To ensure that the automation program is successful and easy to maintain, Arrowhead Services follows these principles:

  • Avoid hard-coding test scripts to ensure greater agility and speed to adapt scripts as the product evolves
  • Design for “Lights Out” testing to improve productivity
  • Arrowhead’s test automation framework is fully integrated with other QA tools to drive optimal returns across the Test Life Cycle (TLC)
  • Implement a configuration management and version control system to ensure that test scripts are properly aligned with each product release

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