Transitions – Cancer survivorship follow-up care plan Builder

An electronic record keeping mechanism which can seamlessly record, integrate and append various treatment summaries of a cancer patient during his/her course of treatment. This system is a web based system that can help their physician, oncologist and registered nurse to also record and append descriptive visit information at the survivor-ship clinic, oncologist offices or physician offices. This system at the end of the visit will help to record charge sheet, order form and education from the attending physicians to the patient record in the system. The system is equipped to print and electronically transmit Patient’s survivorship plan and history to patients and their attending physicians.

The Transitions Survivor-ship Plan builder provides a platform to dynamically create custom “Cancer Survivorship Plan” templates for various cancer types.

Key Features:

  • Ability to create customizable survivor-ship plan for various disease types
  • Ability to interface with various systems used during the patient’s treatment.
    • Cancer registry
    • EMR
    • Data Warehouse etc…
  • Access to Patient Survivor-ship plans using portal technologies
  • Ability to add Psychosocial resources on the plan depending on the patient profiling
  • Add visit information for each visit of the cancer survivor at their survivor-ship clinics or the participating physician clinics.
  • Decrease the resource overhead on the oncology group to create the plan
  • Security to access the records
  • Analytic reports
    • # of survivor-ship plan by disease
    • Plan history etc…
  • Format the plan to make the insurance companies compensate the patients for creation of this plan, by adding charge sheets and order forms.

Transitions product is currently marketed along with Moffitt cancer center and being used in about 25% of the cancer survivor clinics and is poised to reach 40% by end of 2010.